Construction Labor During COVID-19: Everything Contractors Need to Know

How COVID-19 Impacted the Construction Industry

Employment in the Construction Industry During COVID-19

What Can Contractors Do About Labor Shortage?

  • Taking all steps to bring in new skilled workers
  • Creating new educational degrees of interest is another potential solution to the worker shortage
  • Returnships
  • Internal Changes

OSHA, Workplace Safety and Health Compliance

  • Facilitating employee vaccinations — including paid time off to receive the injection and recover from side effects
  • Instructing infected and unvaccinated workers with virus exposure to stay home from work
  • Implementing physical distancing in all communal work areas
  • Providing workers with face coverings, surgical masks, or other PPE as appropriate
  • Suggesting or requiring unvaccinated customers wear face coverings in public-facing workplaces
  • Maintaining ventilation systems
  • Educating and training workers on the company’s COVID-19 policies and procedures
  • Performing routine cleaning and disinfection
  • Recording and reporting COVID-19 infections and deaths
  • Implementing protections from retaliation and setting up anonymous processes for workers to voice concerns about COVID-related hazards

How Can Contractors Keep Their Employees Safe During COVID-19?

  • Engineering controls (physical barriers, enhanced ventilation)
  • administrative controls (staggered work shifts, limited breakroom capacity, social distancing, masks); and
  • PPE selected as a result of the employer’s hazard assessment
  • Monitoring themselves and others for coronavirus symptoms
  • Isolating and quarantining upon sickness and/or exposure
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing by practicing hand washing, respiratory hygiene, and coughing etiquette and regularly cleaning high touch objects and surfaces like shared tools, machines, vehicles, ladders, and portable toilets
  • Wearing of face masks whenever possible
  • Social distancing during breaks and meals
  • Recognizing and addressing factors that can add to work or home-related stress
  • Maintaining a regular sleep schedule, eating healthy meals, and getting sufficient exercise and relaxation
  • Keeping informed about COVID-19 and how to protect yourself and others

Why Choose HUB’s Construction Insurance?



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