With workers hesitant to go back into the labor pool or demanding higher wages and benefits, the talent shortage and persistent hiring difficulties are at their worst levels in 15 years, plaguing nearly seven in 10 employers.1

Whether it’s blue- or white-collar positions, the coronavirus pandemic has laid bare how dependent organizations are on their people. As a result, job seekers can look for positions that fit their lifestyles and meet their salary and benefits expectations, rather than working at jobs and organizations that may seem “good enough.”

In response, employers should rethink their recruiting and retention strategies — not…

In response to COVID-19, the hospitality industry has stepped up its tech investment to facilitate safer guest interactions and cut costs. For example, some hotels have swapped out front desks for check-in kiosks as smart phones increasingly drive contactless guest interactions.

But keeping hotel guests and restaurant and bar patrons safe is just one part of how the hospitality industry can move towards full recovery. There remains a huge shortage of workers, and employers must keep their existing employees safe from the remaining threat of COVID-19.

And perhaps the most troubling risks have been linked to technology — cybercrime in…

Employer sponsored retirement plans are good for workers and good for employers. And while the current economic environment may put pressure on everyone’s ability to participate fully right now, the fact remains that there’s no time like the present for employers that haven’t set plans up to do so.

An employer sponsored retirement plan is one that helps employees put money aside for retirement, with tax-advantaged savings taken directly from paychecks and invested. If employers decide to match the contributions, they can get tax breaks for doing so. …

For many businesses, travel is a central component of operations. And as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across North America and across the globe, organizations face a confounding dilemma: how can they balance safety and duty of care with travel when their businesses may depend upon it?

While some have already reentered the sky, American air travel remains at about 70% capacity compared with where it was a year ago.1

If your business is considering business travel again, it’s critical to account for all potential risks domestically and abroad.

Managing your travel risk during a pandemic

Organizations that feel…

The building’s board members could be sued for the decisions they made on behalf of the homeowner’s association (HOA). Structural repairs the board called for in 2018 — to be paid through unpopular form of special assessments — were delayed, leading to board member resignations but did not result in expedited repairs.1

It is possible that individual lawsuits against HOA board members and regulatory investigations could exhaust the limits of the building’s property and casualty (P&C) and directors and officers (D&O) coverage; lacking adequate D&O coverage, each board member’s personal assets may be at risk.

For all boards, from HOAs…

Staying up to date on HR trends, strategies, and issues is necessary for every single company, and sometimes it may be necessary to hire a human resources consultant to make sure your HR program is the best it can be!

The importance of HR consulting

Growing companies like yours also have growing workforces to tend to. HR consultants provide the knowledge and expertise to do HR’s heavy lifting, enabling you to invest in core business functions instead of HR. That’s why companies hire HR consultants: Expanded HR capabilities that save time and money over staffing an HR department up.

Services HR consultants provide

Some HR consultants manage your employee…

With the economy getting back on its feet, many companies are stepping up recruitment efforts. However, there’s a major difference between previous economic recoveries and this one: Many new hires expect a work-from-home option. Job descriptions need to reflect this new reality.

As the COVID-19 pandemic forced millions of office employees to work from home, it also opened up virtual workspaces as a viable, long-term option for many. As a result, organizations are competing for talent that may prefer to work remotely.

That means updated job descriptions are crucial. Not only must they accurately reflect a role’s duties and responsibilities…

By Susan Mcguirl and Cameron Smith

Entertainment venues, including indoor arenas, concert spaces and theaters closed en masse at the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic. But indoor spaces are some of the last to reopen, as many entertainment venues cannot operate economically with less than 80% to 90% capacity.

While some businesses pivoted to streaming events or parking lot concerts to generate revenue, many owners traded in their General Liability (GL) policies for less-costly Vacant Premises policies. This bare-bones policy covers catastrophic incidents such as fires or floods, with limited GL coverage.

Some arenas with ample parking space and good…

Cyber breaches are more common than ever. Almost half of all global organizations will experience a data breach.1 The repercussions go beyond financial, as organizations suffering breaches can suffer reputational damage in the eyes of clients, donors, business partners and the general public.

For nonprofits, such repercussions can cause irreparable harm. Nonprofits tend to underestimate the cybercrime threat, believing they’re less attractive targets than major for-profit enterprises or external service providers performing IT-related functions are responsible for breaches.

Yet critical aspects of nonprofit business operations expose them to cyber risk, often lacking the technology resources, infrastructure, or staffing to manage…

Despite signs the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is in past, organizations must still cope with the fallout. What made things worse was an increase in the number of severe weather events across North America, a trend expected to continue.

That has made preparation for “compounding disaster events” — when two or more catastrophic events happen at once, like a major hurricane during a pandemic — important for business owners and management.

Compound disaster events result in enormously complex response and recovery challenges, as each disaster amplifies the effect of the other. There was no playbook on responding to the…

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